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Flexofoil® ceramic wear elements is our most succesful product within our range. Flexofoil® ceramic wear blades and covers stands up to the high demands andexpectations for ceramic wear elements.


There are big differences between Flexofoil® ceramic wear elements compared to the "traditional" cintered ceramic elements:



  • Flexofoil® ceramic wear elements has no segments. It´s buildt up in one length, (up to 10800 mm / 425"), across the machine width.


  • Thanks to the construction, Flexofoil® are more resistent to ie. thermoshocks with less risk for cracks to follow.


  • Flexofoil® can be treated more "rough" without risk for damage, compared to a "piano" segmented blade, which is a big advantage during maintenance and service.


  • It is possible to order Flexofoil® wear elements, blades and covers in almost any shapes and forms which are used in the paper machines today.


Flexofoil® is a combination of materials. It is based on a body of HDPE-plastic, a stainless steel plate (316L) and at the top a coated ceramic wear layer grinted/polished to fine surface smoothness.


  • Fit to all fixing alternatives available in the market, such as dovetail or T-bar


  • Since there is no joints between the profile plates and the outher layer, the risk for break of fabrics and wires is eliminated


  • The smooth finish of the coating results in a low wear of fabrics and wire as well as low energy consumption


  • Vibration problems are minimal


  • Possibility to install measuring transmitter of friction temperature